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We turn weeks of research, legwork, and hassle into a few simple steps.

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We’ve seen it all. Thousands of families have relied on our help because we know exactly which claims to file, how to push agencies into action, and how to keep your estate safe. We’ll cross just about everything off your list and do most of the work for you

  • Social Security Benefits

  • Life Insurance Claims

  • Make the Difficult Phone Calls With You

  • Claim Survivors Benefits

  • Uncover Unclaimed Insurance Payouts

  • Get Expert Advice and Guidance

  • Help Cancel Unnecessary Payments

  • Claim Veterans Benefits

  • Help Cancel Credit Cards

  • Protect Your Estate from Fraud

How It Works

Talk with us

Schedule a free consultation to see how you could benefit from using an estate closing service.

Work with an Estate Specialist

Set an appointment to review the estate. We’ll gather the information we need to start filing claims and making notifications.

Ongoing Support

We’ll continue working with you until the estate is settled. You’ll have peace of mind and be able to focus on grieving and healing.

Settling your estate doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Get Estate Assistance


Task Overload

Managing hundreds of tasks while navigating the fog of grief
  • Not sure where to start

  • Countless phone calls

  • Complicated government websites

  • Puzzling instructions

  • Mountains of paperwork

  • Confusing assignment of tasks

  • Frustrating red tape

  • Overlooking important details


Everything After

Our team of estate experts work with you to close the estate
  • Easy, timesaving process

  • Estate experts to advocate on your behalf

  • A team to politely pester agencies

  • Receive your benefits

  • Keep the estate safe from fraud

  • Trust that everything has been done right

  • Spend less time on the phone

  • If we can’t help, you don’t pay

A team you can trust

Kelby Neilson

Account Executive

Leslie Beynon

Spanish Services Manager

Kathy Mills

Estate Specialist

Summer Rigtrup

Estate Specialist

Katie Beesley

Estate Specialist

Tonya Nelson

Estate Specialist

A team you can trust

Kelby Neilson

Account Executive

Leslie Beynon

Spanish Services Manager

Kathy Mills

Estate Specialist

Summer Rigtrup

Estate Specialist

Katie Beesley

Estate Specialist

Tonya Nelson

Estate Specialist

Thousands of Families Love Our Services.


Shannon Q.

They took us by the hand and made it easy.


Gracie G.

This service was awesome! Thank you.


Gwendolyn S.

It was so helpful to have important and stressful things taken care of like Social Security, Medicare, and the VA.


Melody T.

You made this so much easier for me. I sure appreciate your help!


Beverly N.

Taking care of all the estate things can be very confusing. It was so helpful to have everything done well and handled in such a caring way.


Kari P.

You made all the necessary phone calls for us, and I can’t tell you how thankful we are for this service and for how it was handled.


Taunna H.

At a time when there is so much to do and so much raw emotion, it was extremely comforting to have an expert walk through everything with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get with this service?
  • We’ll have notifications made and claims filed in 2-3 weeks instead of 18 months.
  • We’ll navigate the calls, wait on hold, and follow up with intimidating government and other agencies on your behalf.
  • We’ll find and claim all the benefits you are entitled to
  • Save $50 as a family served by one of our partners.
  • Zero risk. Receive a full refund if we’re unable to help
Can I get started without a death certificate?

Yes, most of the notifications and processes can be started before death certificates arrive. That way, by the time they do arrive, you have all the right paperwork to send in with the death certificate.

What are the costs?

$399 flat rate. This includes a $50 discount for families who were served by our funeral home partners, and there are no extra charges or fees. Plus, you'll receive a full refund if we’re unable to help.

Do I need this service if I already have an attorney?

Yes. We take care of the non-legal matters with a one time flat rate. Most attorneys will never handle the tasks we’ll help with. And if they did, they would charge at least twice as much. You’ll save money by letting your attorney take care of all the legal details, while we take care of the many notifications and tasks that can easily pile up in the process of closing your estate.

How will this help me avoid stress?

It takes 12-18 months to settle most estates. That’s a year or more of uncomfortable phone calls, waiting on hold, and navigating complex bureaucracies, all of which can interfere with properly grieving. Families are often so grateful that we can take care of everything in as little as 2 weeks.

How much time will this save me?

Families across the country spend on average 400 hours to settle an estate. Helping families save time and avoid stress are two of the main reasons we started offering our services. Our first step with your estate will be to develop a personalized game plan that we’ll quickly put into action.

Do I need to worry about fraud protection for my loved ones?

It’s true that over 2.5 million estates of the deceased are victims of identity theft each year. While emotionally difficult, the biggest impact identity theft has on families is in prolonging the estate closing process. A critical step in our Estate Closing Service is to safeguard your loved one’s identity. We do this by setting up fraud protection and by taking all the necessary steps to ensure that all tasks and updates are completed properly.

How will I claim benefits with this service?

A lot of people have life insurance policies and benefits tied to employers, credit cards, and a number of other sources. During the appointment with your Estate Specialist, we’ll gather all the information we need so we can start working through our detailed process for uncovering and claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to, including any you may have overlooked or forgotten.

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