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Everything After is better than anything else out there.

- Josh Blake, Wilkirson Hatch Bailey

It's so much more than just fishing for Google Reviews. This actually helps families.

- Anthony O’Donnell, O’Donnell Funerals & Celebrations

Everything After is remarkable. I’ve never seen anything like this.

- Keith Walker, Walker Funeral Home

Families are always asking, ‘What is my next step?’ Everything After is the answer.

- Jeffrey O'Keefe, Jr., Bradford O'Keefe Funeral Home

Everything After is so clean and easy to follow. Our families need this.

- Anthony Rodriguez, Higgins Chapel

This is a no-brainer! It provides a seamless opportunity to have everything taken care of.

- Tom Antram, French Funerals and Cremations

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Leta C.

I am so grateful you sent me this. As I was reading through the information, I came across the part about hidden life insurance policies. I discovered that I am paying a monthly fee for a life insurance policy that will erase the entire debt upon the death of my husband or myself. I would never have discovered that, had you not sent me this. Thank you!


Kimberly P.

Everyone was very helpful with assisting our family with all the details of my husband's funeral. The staff was very friendly & understanding during our difficult time. Plus they gave us great advice to take care of our affairs after the funeral. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Elizabeth N.

This is so thoughtful of you. Thank you so much for sending me this text for helpful resources. Every single person we have interacted with at the funeral home has been amazing. And here you are also just that. I can't thank all of you enough.


Jane J.

Thanks so much! Everyone has been so kind and helpful. You have helped to make this heartbreaking time much more bearable. We appreciate all you have done to help us through this process. God bless you all!


Denise P.

Thank you for reaching out... we are doing ok. I would like to commend you on your exceptional business practices and follow up... it's in very short supply these days!


Nicola R.

Thank you so much for sending these resources. It came at the right time and is simply perfect.


Michele L.

This was excellent. It pointed out things I hadn't thought of and then took care of. Thank you so much for sending it.


Nathan M.

I liked the last text you guys sent. The site that tells you the step by step of what to do was awesome.


Cinthya A.

Thank you so much for sending this. I'm pretty sure me and my kids need this help during this time.


Grace Hayes

Thanks for all the information! I had power of attorney for Pat so I have to handle all her stuff. This is going to help me navigate whatever minefields are waiting for me, so, again, thank you!

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