Helping families shouldn’t stop at the end of the funeral. It should continue through everything after.


Everything After started with a simple question: What do families need after a funeral? After months of research, it was clear. Every family needs help navigating the thick fog of grief and juggling the hundreds of logistical tasks necessary to close their personal affairs. Yet in these critical areas, almost every family goes underserved.

In the funeral profession, we often talk about the 125 tasks that need to be completed before a funeral, but rarely do we address the mountain of tasks families face after a funeral. These are some of life’s most difficult moments, and this is where we believe aftercare can provide the most impact. It's time to start helping families through Everything After.

Everything After Advisory Committee

Payton Thompson

General Manager, Everything After

Matt Van Drimmelen

Owner, Full-Circle & Estate Expert

Eric Red

CEO, Noble & Grief Plaforms Expert

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